Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pelee Island 2008 Riesling - $10.95

What the heck, one more from the Lake Erie North Shore.

The Tasting Notes: This Riesling is delish. Crisp with great acid balance … green apple and peach start it off, while melon and green apple are on the finish – refreshing for the nose, the palate and the wallet. Price: $10.95 – Rating: ****½

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Jeff said...

Country singer Trace Akins couldn’t have describe this wine any better … “This is for all you sophisticated ladies out there”

This is one wine that would have been a better selection for Pelee Island’s new wine series marketed to female wine drinkers called “Stepped up to the Plate series”.

This Late Harvest Riesling is sweet, not “ice wine” sweet but sweet enough that you should probably serve this one as a dessert wine.

Picked up lime a basket full of fruits in this one, lime, green apples and pear. The pear was near the end in a nice smooth transition. Very well balanced wine from start to finish.

Could be a summer sipper, or perhaps better as an after dinner cocktail.

I like to drink this with Cuban cigars which are the Best Cigars in the world.