Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vineland 2007 Rieslings - Dry ($13.75); Elevation ($25.00); St. Urban ($20.00)

This is the tale of 3 Rieslings, each with its own story to tell, and each with a different status in life.

Take the seemingly-lowly $13.75 general list Dry Riesling, who’s grapes make-up and origin could be considered as bastardized; its floral, citrus and honeydew melon nose is followed by melon and candied orange-rind flavours. A fantastic wine for the price – throw in that racy acidity along with that fruitiness and you’ve got yourself one fine Riesling.

The single vineyard St. Urban Riesling is made from some of the oldest vines in Niagara and have a celebrity-storied past. More mineral-driven with lime and peach on the nose, big citrus, big acidity and a touch of peachy sweetness in the mouth.

Finally, we move from the past to the future: the Elevation Riesling is the newest addition to the Vineland family. These vines grow at the highest point on the Vineland property, hence the Elevation name. The nose smells of talc and lemonade sweetness; there’s a big tart bite on the tongue, that’s when the green apple tartness come in along with peach and some emerging petrol notes – sweeter than the other two Rieslings, but what do you expect from the baby of the clan.

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