Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vineland 2007 Elevation Chardonnay - $25.00

I’m looking down the barrel, so to speak, at a $25 unoaked Chardonnay, huh? I have never criticizes Vineland’s pricing policy. I find their pricing to be fair, with a good range of wines in all categories and price ranges, and their $25 Elevation 2005 Cabernet-Merlot is a delicious age-worthy stunner that would be a steal at double the price. The Elevation series of wines are made with the grapes found at the pinnacle of the Vineland property. The story goes that winemaker Brian Schmidt was walking the vineyard one day, stopped, looked around and realized he was at the highest point in the vineyard – thus the name elevation was born. This wine is delicious both for the olfactory and palate-factory. The smells are apple, pear, peach and tangerine blossom; while in the mouth its beautifully smooth and clean with a sweetish note of apples and pears along with a good finish of desirable length. So why the $25 price tag if its unoaked? I guess it takes more manpower to get the grapes off the mountain – that’s my supposition anyway. Great wine – funny price … but I can’t fault Vineland, heck they make a stellar 2007 Cabernet Franc for $12.95 – guess they gotta make up the price somewhere … buy them as a pair and split the difference.

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