Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackson Triggs 2006 Delaine Vineyard Chardonnay - $19.95

Despite all the bad-mouthing Chardonnay gets it still retains the title of the number one selling white wine in the world – and the most widely planted. The ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) movement started as a backlash to those overly oaky wines from both Australia and the U.S. – but it really is hard to find fault with a well made, gently oaked beauty of a Chardonnay, because, in truth, those are the things about it that made this grape and its wines so popular. Which brings us to this Jackson Triggs Delaine Vineyard Chardonnay. Some say the Delaine Vineyard may be the best in Ontario, I’ll leave that debate in others hands; though I have to admit, I rarely if ever taste a bad bottle of wine with the Delaine designation on it – this Chard is no exception. This is Chardonnay elegance personified with delicious fruit and a great lingering finish. There’s a fantastic citrus component here along with a deft hand in the use of soft oak. One of the nicest Chardonnays I’ve had in a while.

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