Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Harbour Estates 2004 Petit Verdot - $24.95

Here’s a wine I tried very recently at Harbour Estates. I have been looking forward to this straight varietal ever since I found out they were growing and making it. It first came onto my radar in a Cabernet-Petit Verdot blend, which I reviewed along with the winery in Newsletter #27), since that time I have been keeping my eyes open for this release, and finally it is here. The nose is sweet with raspberries, cherries, vanilla and spice, while the taste retains hints of that sweetness with a white pepper and cherry core along with more of that spicy-goodness. There’s very little in the way of tannins here, so it’s very smooth and ready to drink now. And there’s a wonderful lengthy fruit finish that sticks around pleasantly in the mouth long after the final swallow. You don’t find much Petit Verdot in Canada, and you rarely, if ever, are going to see it on it’s own (it’s more commonly used as a blending grape), so this truly is a treat; a rarity and in very limited supply. This is something unique, not only to Ontario, but, for the moment, to Harbour Estates … and the price reflects it. I would recommend picking up a bottle, and if you’re looking for a reason (other than the ones I’ve already given) to spend that kind of money … call it the curiosity factor. Available at the winery only.

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