Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Angels Gate 2005 Rose - $11.95

Summer is officially over – so it’s only my luck that I should now find the rose of the year. This lovely pink blend is made up of Pinot Noir (45%), Gamay Noir (38%), Cabernet Franc (9%) and Gewurztraminer (8%); (I am told the Gewerzt was added in to bring the colour to roses status). And calling it pink is a misnomer because the wine appears to be more pinky-orange or a rusty-orange; but let’s not get all hung up on the colour, it’s the smell and taste that should get you. First, the nose is strawberry, cherry, raspberry, apples, peaches, rose petals and some cinnamon. Then, of course, there’s the taste. A citrus tang hits you upon its entry into the mouth, with a wonderful bit of mid-weight sweetness on the finish. There’s the taste of delicious red ripe fruit, carried along nicely through the mouth by some red licorice and/or cotton candy (this is depending on your taste buds0 and remains lingering about in the throat. There’s also some good acidity to the wine, that helps balance it off nicely, and keeps it hanging around in the mouth for a nice period of time. Delicious doesn’t quite sum it up – I’d like to find a better word but it’ll have to do for now. Pick some up for the holidays, as gifts, or get some for yourself for next summer – you just can’t go wrong with this beauty. Available at the winery and the LCBO.

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