Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mountain Road Wine Company NV Riesling Winter Wine Blend #4 - $17.95

Not a late harvest, not an icewine – a sweet “winter wine”, the back of the bottle says: “This unique blend of 2002 dry Riesling and 1999 Riesling Pure Winter Wine is aimed to please the palate of wine lovers who find traditional dessert wine too sweet.” And yes, at 7.7 on the sugar code it is less than half of most late harvests and about one-quarter that of icewine … so how does it stack up against those two popular sweeties? A complex nose of honey, cinnamon, caramel apple, candied orange peel and cantaloupe. The taste is similarly sweet but with less of that cloying sweetness you’ll find in those previously mentioned dessert wines; instead this one is crisp and refreshing - palate cleansing in a way. Sweetness of apples, honey and dried candied apricots. There might be the faintest hint of oxidation, probably from the percentage of 1999 Dry Riesling used, but it’s ever so slight that it’s barely detectable; heck I shouldn’t even mention it. I wouldn’t hold this one much longer, but it’ll make for a perfect dessert wine for the holidays ahead – drink up now and enjoy. Available at the winery only.

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