Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Grange of Prince Edward County 2007 Cabernet Franc Northfield Block - $29.80

Today it's off to Prince Edward County to try a single vineyard Cabernet Franc ... let's see how my favourite Ontario grape does in the best vintage Ontario has ever seen.

I am thrilled to announce that as of February 24, 2009, each Podcast has its own unique player - so you can listen to whichever Podcast you want to. So without further ado I will leave you with this week's Podcast, or if you decide not to check out the new format you can read the tasting notes below ... I recommend the Podcast, of course.

The Tasting Notes: The nose seems almost simplistic, with cherry, tobacco and vanills taking charge of the olfactories. The palate offers up a little something extra – nice sweet fruit flavours, soft on the palate, with no harsh tannins – along with hints of mocha, vanilla and cherry on the finish. Price: $29.80 – Rating: ****

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