Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lailey Vineyard 2007 Vidal - $12.00

“Really Michael, I don’t want to be known for making the best Vidal, I just wanted you to try this.” Winemaker Derek Barnett began pleading with me when he saw my eyes light up after my first sip of this wine. “Not another Riesling?” I inquired; Derek has so far made two outstanding versions in ’07 – Niagara Peninsula and Niagara River. “No,” he said, “it’s Vidal … I’d really like to be known for the Rieslings.”

“It’s wonderful,” I said totally ignoring him, “juicy, delicious. How much?” He told me, my eyes lit up again, “Best I’ve ever tasted,” I said … which is the point when he started pleading with me. “Besides,” he said, “It’ll be gone in a few weeks, I only made 110 cases, of which only 80 are left … and I just released it yesterday.”

My lovely blonde companion, whose eyes were also aglow over this wine, leaned over to me as we left the winery (with our own 6 bottle-allotment tucked comfortably under my arm) and said, “You have to let people know about this one, it’s so lovely, it reminded me of the Romeo Peach festival in Michigan – taking a bit of a fresh juicy peach with the juices dripping down your chin … it’s heaven.” She said it with such passion.

Okay, so now you know … Derek didn’t want you to, Erica did, Erica was more convincing than Derek, so she wins. So now what you do with this information is completely up to you.

Update: 07/02/2008 - Only 25 cases left ... told you this wine was too good to be true - soon all that will be left is this review, the podcast and summer memories.

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