Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Coyote’s Run 2006 Red / Black Paw Cabernet Franc - $20.00

Two Cabernet Francs, vinted the exact same way, just one grows on red clay soil the other on black, the difference this subtlety makes will astound you. I speak of course about the Coyote’s Run red and black science experiment they did, rather successfully, with Pinot Noir – now they turn their attention to Cabernet Franc. You find that smells are similarly red fruit dominated: the “black” is soft red fruit, while the “red” has earthy and cherry tobacco, which mixes in with the red fruit. Colour-wise the black paw is lighter that the red. And taste-wise, “red” is earthy, raspberry, strawberry and herby with fine tannins; “black” is softer, more supple with juicy berry sweetness along with herbs and red fruit, nice spice and a fantastic finish. Whether you like the red soiled or black soiled wine is completely up to your personal taste – but a side by side tasting is a must, hence a visit to Coyote’s Run should be on your list for your next visit to Niagara.

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