Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hillebrand Winery 2006 Artist Series Pinot Gris, Limited Edition - $16.95

Here’s a complex summer sipper that also has a softer more simple side to it. It’s a wine that’ll make you long for a patio, pool, or lake … a wine that makes you think of summertime the moment you put it to your lips; but first let’s take a sniff, a lively nose of green apple and citrus. Then there’s the mouth watering, thirst quenching taste that follows from the nose with the added bonus of a dry finish and a seemingly butter-toffee aftertaste that shows up and lingers long after you swallow. A touch of sweetness shows up mid-palate and you’ll notice a deeper golden hue, which suggests a little bit of extended skin contact. That’s why I say, it’s a simple sipper that can be something more complex … but only if you want it to be, otherwise it’s a pleasant, thirst quenching white made for the heat of summer.

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