Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chateau des Charmes 2006 St. David’s Bench Viognier - $25.00

Viognier seems to be the grape of the day everywhere … you look high and you look low and you’ll find yourself a Viognier – they say it’s the perfect substitute for Chardonnay – and furthermore the names of the grapes rhyme, what more could you want.? I think many are picking up this grape in the hopes it becomes the next big thing. Chateau des Charmes can’t be considered bandwagon jumpers on this one, they have been making Viognier for about 13 years or more. This 2006 edition has a wonderfully ripe nose of green apple and peach. The taste follows the nose, but adds traces of citrus and tart pineapple core to this delicate unoaked wine. Best described as steely with a good mouthfilling finish, this wine will see Vintages shelves shortly, if it’s not already there … or you could trek down to the winery and pick yourself up some for summer.

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