Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Palatine Hills Estate Winery 2002 Meritage - $15.00 vs. 2002 Proprietors Reserve Meritage - $23.00

This is the story about two wines, born eight months apart to the same winery. It's easier to compare and contrast these two wines then give separate reviews because they are similar in preparation and makeup but different in taste. Both wines are made from equal parts cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc. The younger meritage spent 18 months in oak, while his brother, the proprietors reserve, spent 26 months in oak and was made from specially selected grapes (read: those ones singled out for special treatment). The eighteen month-old has some oak characteristics with pepper and black fruit, but it retains more of its fruit forwardness. The 26 month-old is more peppery with darker fruits, like cassis and blackberries, with a touch more oak, noticeable spiciness and some drying power on the tongue. Both these wines come from the big ’02 vintage -and we know all about that one, don't we? So it's up to you, fruity ($15.00) or peppery ($23.00) ... It’s your choice.

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