Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Peller Estates Winery 2006 Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc … $18.95

Sauvignon Blancs has been totally taken over by New Zealand, to such an extent that when you mention Sauvignon Blanc the first thing that they think about is New Zealand. Winemakers are aware of this fact and that’s why they are now trying to copy the Kiwis in style. I was poured this one at the Peller tasting bar and was told quite plainly by the staff member, “just like in New Zealand we held back 5% of the wine to age in barrel.” This wine had the racy citrus tones to it, lots of grapefruit and gooseberry, a little hay and some melon to tickle the nose. In the mouth, its dry with the grapefruit popping out all over the palate and leaving a lengthy finish behind, very refreshing, quite bracing, so very New Zealand – and right here in Ontario.

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