Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thirty Bench Winemakers 2005 Triangle Riesling - $32.00

Looking for one of the best Ontario Rieslings on the market, you’ve found it. Since their purchase by Andrew Peller Wines (formerly Andres) in May of 2005, 30 Bench has been re-inventing themselves as a small boutique, small lot, small batch winery. This Riesling is sourced from the 9-acre Triangle vineyard located north of the winery, next to the creek at the back of the property. The grapes are hand picked and sorted, and when all is said and done they use only about 2 acres worth of the best fruit for this bottling. The limestone soil gives this wine great minerality both on the nose and taste, and shows great complexity with nuances of peach, pineapple, hint of tangerine and other tropical aromas, that seem to constantly change the longer it remains opened. The peach follows through on the palate along with hints of sweet citrus and lychee fruit which courses through the mouth before ending with sweet clementine-like flavours on the finish. Balanced through and through: good acidity, great flavours, and just the right amount of sweetness. This just might be Ontario’s best Riesling and once you’ve tasted it you’ll know why it won’t be around long, either on the shelf or in your glass … thank God for the long finish.

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