Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Peninsula Ridge 2005 Syrah - $24.95

During a recent trip to Peninsula Ridge I discovered this beauty, a medium bodied Syrah from the hot but short cropped 2005 vintage. Made by 25 year veteran and well-traveled winemaker Jean-Pierre Colas, from France, amongst other places, and winner of the 2006 Ontario Wine Awards winemaker of the year – so you have to believe he not only knows what he is doing but knows a little something about Syrah … and he really shows it here. Aged in French oak for 5 months Jean-Pierre told me he created it in a drink now style and figured it would be on the decline within a year. But that is not the case, and as he said to me “sometimes the wine takes on a life of its own and can surprise you.” Now we’re looking at a wine that has a new-lease-on-life and 2 to 3 more years at that. On the nose you’ll find black pepper, black cherry and some oak … while in the mouth its smooth and lush with black cherry and plum fruit, pepper and a touch of oak for the backbone. Very few barrels were made and now very few bottles are left … get your hands on this one post-haste.

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