Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Coyote’s Run 2005 Cabernet Franc - $22.00

Being an animal lover I have always been fond of the Coyote’s Run logo that adorns their label: a coyote trotting along. For me it just seems to stand above all other animal-based labels like Yellow Tail (with the hopping kangaroo) and the Little Penguin (with their cool-dude penguin), because it never seemed gimmicky to me, it’s the winery’s name, so the animal being there is a happenstance … then again maybe I am just being fooled by clever marketing. Anyway let’s stop looking at what’s on the bottle and take a sip of what’s in the bottle. This 2005 Cabernet Franc is truly delicious – the snout has plenty of black fruit features like black cherry, blackberry and plums with hints of allspice and vanilla … in the maw it’s juicy with a little kick in the hindquarter. There are quite a lot of berries in here, most notably strawberries, with some great sweet vanilla, cherry and oak. The tannins are for the most part smooth, until the end where they give you that little something extra. This is a tasty little number that can rest in bottle for a couple more years to its, and your, benefit.

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