Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sandbanks Estate Winery 2005 Baco Noir - $19.95

Before we begin the Baco Noir Challenge I thought we should look at a Baco Noir wine, one that has not been entered for the Crown. Sandbanks is a new winery located in Prince Edward County run by Catherine Langlois out of what I can only assume is the basement of her home; a home which is surrounded by acres of vineyards (see newsletter #38 for a full winery review). She admitted to me that this wine also contained 10% Geisenheim (a white grape variety) which adds to the smoothness of this wine, but is not listed on the label. The nose has smoky, woodsy, earthy and black cherry notes, while inside the mouth a black cherry beginning ends with a tart raspberry finish. Smooth, easy texture with a hint of sweetness, but still clocks in at a zero. How her wine does during the challenge we shall soon see. Available at the winery only.

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