Friday, January 12, 2007

Rosehall Run 2005 Sullyzwicker (74% Riesling/26% Ehrenfelser) - $14.95

I have, since I was a lad, enjoyed apple juice. Unfortunately these days the only time I take comfort in apple juice is when I am under-the-weather, laid up in bed with a sore throat and aches and pains. Apple juice has come to signify wellness and feeling better to me, it is my “comfort food”. Also because of my love for apple juice I have an affinity for well-made apple wine. After that preamble let me say that Sullyzwicker is not an apple wine, it’s 76% Riesling and 26% Ehrenfelser, but it tastes and smalls exactly like a macintosh-based apple juice with a kick. I swear to the good Lord above that 1) there are no apples used in the making of this wine and 2) it tastes like there should be. So let’s recap: love apple juice, love apple wine, Sullyzwicker tastes like apple wine, therefore if you are like me you should love this wine. If you can make the same leap of logic that I just did my suggestion is buy it, drink it, love it. Enjoy with a light snack of cheese and crackers on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or on its own, the low alcohol will make sure you’ll be clearheaded and coherent come dinner time. Available at the winery only.

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