Friday, January 5, 2007

Rush Creek Wines Decadence - $10.50

Let’s start off the new year with something interesting and unique (though in the fruit wine world it is taking off like gangbusters): fruit wine and chocolate. This wine is a slam-dunk for your sniffer as chocolate wafts right out of the glass, grabs you by the lapel and gives your whole body a shake. As the wine warms up the strawberries start to assert themselves, but never more than the chocolate which seems to last and last and last. There is no secret that this wine is made with strawberry wine and cocoa – so that is why those two smells are there. You’d expect a wine that smells this way to be super-sweet, but you’d be wrong. In the glass it looks strawberry in colour and tastes chocolaty in the mouth right up to the finish where tart, almost sour, strawberry kicks back, leaving you with a drier than expected finish … but wait Decadence isn’t finish with you yet. As the finish lingers on, the sour-strawberry dissipates and the sweet chocolate returns. Making for a pleasurable drinking experience. Not a wine you could have a full glass of, but a fun and interesting half-glass-way to end off a relaxing evening with friends. Available at the winery only.

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