Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thirty Bench 2008 Riesling - $18.00

Suddenly we are in the midst of a warm spell so I thought it quite apropos to bring you a nice Riesling to enjoy this last, and rare, gasp of the warmth of fall, soon that chill we dread will be in the air, so enjoy now while you still can.

The Tasting Notes: The nose is beautiful and loaded with citrus, green apple, lanolin and floral notes; the palate has a little something for everyone: lime rind, crisp green apple, good clean acidity and the sweetness of peach on the finish. Price: $18.00 – Rating: ****

I am thrilled to announce that as of February 24, 2009, each Podcast has its own unique player - so you can listen to whichever Podcast you want to. So without further ado I will leave you with this week's Podcast, or if you decide not to check out the new format you can read the tasting notes below ... I recommend the Podcast, of course.

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