Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stonechurch Vineyards 2007 Merlot - $14.95

This week I welcome back a winery that has been sitting on the fringes of VQA for a couple of years now ... have a listen to the Podcast to find out why, or, if you choose the more boring route, you can just read the tasting notes below (the Podcast is always more fun):

The nose was black fruit dominated, with blueberry, spice and hints of black raspberry in the background. I was originally poured this wine from an earlier-in-the-day opened bottle, the tastes were black fruit, spice, pepper, vanilla, nutmeg and a slight presence of oakiness along with nice firm tannins … when I asked for a new bottle to be opened to compare I found the wine to be even spicier on both the nose and palate.

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