Tuesday, December 2, 2008

13th Street 2006 Sandstone Chardonnay - $18.00

This week it's a Chardonnay for Chardonnay fans from one of Ontario's few "cult wineries" ... haven't heard of 13th Street? Well that's a pity because you should get to know this winery, toot suite (as the French say). Take a listen to the Podcast to hear why this winery fits the "cult" billing and why you should get to know it; or, if you choose the more boring route, you can just read the tasting notes below (the Podcast is always more fun):

This wine has all the smells and tastes Chardonnay fans love. Apple, peach, citrus, vanilla, creamy caramel, touch of toasty oak and a creamy smoothness in the mouth.

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