Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calamus 2007 Gewurztraminer - $13.00

Last year Calamus called this wine “Segitta” and charged $15 for it – the name was silly but the wine in the bottle was serious. This year, they’ve come back to a serious name, “Gewürztraminer” (also the name of the grape – for those who don’t know) for this serious wine, and now it’s the price that’s the big joke here: thirteen bucks for this beauty, someone was asleep at the quality to price ratio button (thank goodness). The nose is spicy, floral, lychee, and exotic with a touch of orange peel and real appeal … the taste is even more enticing with more peachy-lychee goodness, the right amount of spice and even some white pepper. The finish is long with a spiced-orange-peel flavours left behind. This is a seriously good wine that requires you to pick it up by the case load (or half case if you prefer) … especially if you like Asian, Thai or are just serious about good wine at awesome prices.

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