Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hillebrand 2007 Artist Series Sauvignon Blanc - $11.95; 2007 Artist Series Limited Edition Sauvignon Blanc - $15.95

Here are a couple of wines if you are looking for that last gasp of summer whites. Yes they’re both Sauvignon Blancs and the difference is a whopping $4, but I hear you saying: “there must be more than just the price difference … and to that I answer, “you’re dang straight.” Let’s start off with the $11.95 version. The Kiwis have pretty much dictated how Sauvignon Blanc should taste and smell, they’ve also done a very good job at selling it to us starting at about $17 a bottle. That’s why this Hillebrand Artist Series Sauv Blanc is such a deal at under $12 a bottle. It has the grassy, gooseberry and touch of grapefruit the Kiwis have installed in our collective brains when we see “Sauvignon Blanc” on the label, but this one is a third less the price, has touch of that biting acidity but still retains a pleasant citrus finish. The Limited Edition ($15.95) is sourced from 2 vineyards and only 500 cases were. It shows some real character differences from the first wine … could that also be due to the 30% oak component that was used during fermentation, or the 5 months of barrel age? You bet … this Savvy B. has a grassy minerality with some melon and lemon; smooth and easy on the palate with a good lengthy finish and a hint of peach at the end. It’s your choice, but you can’t go wrong with either wine.

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