Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Inniskillin 2004 Brae Burn Vineyard Shiraz - $24.95

It has been said that Shiraz will not grow properly in Ontario – too cool a climate for this sun loving, heat seeking grape … well don’t tell that to Shiraz, which is doing quite well in Ontari-ari-ari-o thank you very much. I have tried quite a few of the ’04 Shirazes and I would have to say I’m rightfully impressed by a number of them. This one from Inniskillin drinks well now but shows even greater promise for the future. The nose is a bit closed off right now, but still hints at dark fruit and lots of pepper. The palate is a little more inviting with dark fruit, black pepper and a typical Shiraz spiciness. Atypical for this variety is the wonderful crème brulé finish … yup, crème brulé. Has the hot grape found a cool climate home? Only time will tell. Drink now or give this one a few years to come fully into its own … then pop the cork and enjoy.

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