Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Niagara College Teaching Winery Gamay Noir - $12.95

One good Gamay deserves another … 3 weeks ago in this column, Lailey Vineyards got kudos for their newly released, light bodied, fruit-drive Gamay; and because summer is still here I decided to feature another. Gamay, as you know, is usually a fruity wine and one of those reds that is “socially acceptable” to chill. The Niagara College Teaching Winery is the first in Canada where students, under the tutelage of Jim Warren and his staff, get to make wine from start to finish … and believe it or not, they have garnered a few awards along the way. This wine has tons of fruit flavours … the nose is red licorice, raspberry mixed in with other red fruit; while in the mouth it’s bursting with sweet cherries and a variety of berries, like blue, black and rasp. Very fruity, very drinkable and great for summer … or, heck, whenever you like. Have a friend who claims not to like red wine; this would be a great place to start to prove him or her wrong. Available at the winery only.

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