Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13th Street 2007 June's Vineyard Riesling - $17.00

Today it's a return trip to 13th Street where we'll feel the rays of sunshine from a glass - even if we can't feel them on the ground in the dead of winter. With minus 19 staring in the face for the next few days (in Toronto anyway) this will be the wine that'll help you keep in mind "summer does come around" (sooner or later). Have a listen to the Podcast to find out what a pseudo-summertime this will be, or, if you choose the more boring route, you can just read the tasting notes below (the Podcast is always more fun):

A touch of petrol, some apple, a little peach pit and some honey tones get the aromatics of this wine off to a good start. The taste is loaded with lots of apple, some peachiness, petrol in the mid-palate where it then turns minerally and slightly honeyed in the home stretch … good acidity clears the palate and readies it for another sip, with a pleasant lingering finish.

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