Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thirty Bench 2006 Winemaker’s Red - $22.00

This week we take a trip to the Beamsville Bench to see what's new and exciting at Thirty Bench - and I'll tell you a little story about a fight I had at a tasting over this winery ... take a listen to the Podcast to hear the tale of two wine writers, or, if you choose the more boring route, you can just read the tasting notes below (the Podcast is always more fun):

The nose is chocolate, cherry, blueberry and cinnamon, while the palate has tobacco, spices, black fruit with a predominance towards black cherry along with plenty of the other stuff you found on your sniffer … holding time for this one is about 5 year, my advice, drink this one while you wait for the 05 to come around and for the 07 to come out.

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