Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Downey’s Estate Winery Strawberry Rhubarb unfiltered - $12.95

I’m not sure when I bought this, I’d have to check my records, but the Downey’s Estate Winery non-vintage unfiltered strawberry-rhubarb fruit wine is fantastic. What’s more to say about a fruit wine that tastes exactly like what it claims on the label. Smells are exactly what you’d get from a strawberry-rhubarb pie baking in the oven whafting out into the living room. The taste is pure strawberry with a touch of rhubarb and good sweetness (5). The wine is left unfiltered so you do get a few of those floaty bits but then in a strawberry-rhubarb pie you’d have to contend with stringy bits stuff from the rhubarb – I’ll take floaty over stringy any day. The 14.4 percent alcohol brings the heat, especially on the nose, but a good chill softens this warming effect and makes this one palatable and delicious; and it’s got a taste that just lingers and lingers - I’m still digging out strawberry pockets from the crevasses in my mouth. Worth the drive to Brampton for this baby.

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