Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lailey Vineyard 2006 Merlot - $24.95

I have a friend that travels around to the wineries with me, and although she isn’t much into the reds she does love a good Riesling. I just seem to have a hard time convincing her about the deliciousness of reds, but in those Rieslings she can pick out white peach, green apple or citrus like there’s nobody’s business. So, while I’m tasting the reds she sips on her Riesling or wanders about the winery. During a recent visit to Lailey she hung around during my red sampling (I have a sneaking suspicions it’s due to winemaker Derek Barnett’s English brogue – or whatever you call it – chicks dig those accents). She wasn’t interested in the Pinot or the Syrah he poured but she did want to try this Merlot which Derek sheepishly placed on the counter. I was immediately suspicious because Derek isn’t sheepish about anything, “just wanted you to try this,’ he said quietly. I did, then I said “wow, that‘s really good” (to hear our conversation click here). For now know that this wine has a wonderful black fruit nose with black raspberries and gentle wondsiness eminating coming from the glass. On the palate there’s a soft, fruity mouthfeel, red fruit forwardness, sweet vanilla oak with great sippability.

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