Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mountain Road Wine Company 2005 Unoaked Chardonnay – $14.95

The king’s reign continues! It seems like it was only a months ago I proclaimed Mountain Road’s owner and winemaker, Steve Koscic, the King of Chardonnay (after an impressive run of medal for his then newly released Chards) … this prompted his daughter to run out to the local Burger King to get him a crown (probably getting it from one of the kiddie high-chairs). Well Steve is at it again, so best you bust out that crown and slip it back on your head. Mountain Road’s newly released 2005 unoaked is the perfect blend of what unoaked and oaked fans love about Chardonnay: the fruit forwardness with oaks flavouring (although no oak was used in the making of this wine). The nose starts out rather simple with its peaches and cream aromas, but in the mouth its something all together different. There is apple and lemon zest, a bit of white butter (not an overly heavy yellow butter) and a touch of vanilla – which suggests to me some extended lees contact (which gives oak flavours, like vanilla, without that heavy “chewing on a stave” feeling). Good acidity leads to a mouthwatering finish that clears the palate … ready for either the next sip or the next bite.

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