Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bella Vigne 2006 Leon Millot / Foch - $15.95

Last year winemaker/grower/owner Pat Del-Gatto of Bella Vigne in Prince Edward County made a lip-smackingly good Millot / Zweigelt blend. Not realizing how good it was going to be and frustration with his Zweigelt grapes, he ripped them out of his vineyard. Now. how do you follow up a wonderful tasty wine like that without the whole cast? Easy, take a page out of Hollywood’s book - bring back the star (Leon) and give him a different supporting cast (Foch) – they’ve been doing it on TV and in the movies for years. Now an 85/15 Leon / Foch blend you’ll find this wine has lots of earthy raspberry and strawberry notes with a touch of Fochness – but not enough to be off-putting. It’s smooth in the mouth and benefits from about half-an-hour in the fridge. What’s more 2 years in the cellar would benefit its smoothness factor. Enjoy now or lie down, it’s your choice … buy 2 and you can do both – and as the old knight said to Indiana Jones on his last crusade, “You have chosen wisely.”

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