Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lailey Vineyard 2005 Zweigelt - $11.95

According to Derek Barnett, winemaker for Lailey, he has received plenty of good feedback about this year’s Zweigelt, including “best Zweigelt in Ontario.” While that seems like high praise I am not sure he can take that one to his bank manager and negotiate that next loan. Considering there are maybe 9 or 10 wineries in Ontario that are making a straight Zweigelt … it really is more like faint praise. This wine deserves better so how about I try to one up that and make it a little easier for him to hold his head up the next time he walks into the bank. At a recent Austrian wine show (home of Zweigelt) I tried many of these “Z” wines and kept coming back to Derek’s version, using it as my point of reference. The wine spent 10 months in 3 to 4 year old barrels and another 6 months ageing in bottle; the result is a wine that’s cherry red in colour, has red fruit, white pepper and spice on the nose; sour cherry and cranberry with a touch of oak on the palate. This is a true summer BBQ wine if I’ve ever had one, and for 11.95 it truly is a bargain. As for where this Zweigelt stands with the others I tasted, Derek, your wine is truly world class … now that you can take to the bank.

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