Tuesday, March 27, 2007

20 Bees 2005 Riesling - $12.95

Many 2005 Rieslings have already been released and you’ll soon be seeing the 2006’s hitting the shelves; on the other hand, some wineries are just sending their ‘05’s to market, that’s where 20 Bees comes into play. Ontario’s first co-op winery still doesn’t have an official building to call home, so the LCBO is the only place to buy their output – though rumour has it by spring or summer 2007 we should see the fruit of the workmen’s labours who have been toiling on highway 55. For now we only get the pressed-fruits of the winemakers and growers labours and their promise of unpretentious wines at unpretentious prices, which continues with this offering. There is nothing here that’ll blow your socks off – but nothing to offend either, this is a very straight-forward serve at all occasions Riesling; and the price is perfect for everyday consumption. Lots of sweet apple and peach on the nose; hints of petrol and mineral grab the fore-palate and while lime settles pleasantly in the mid-palate. Finally, the apple comes through in the medium long finish. Good price for a pleasant crowd-pleaser of a wine.

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